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As you walk up Castlehill and enter the massive esplanade in front of Edinburgh Castle cast your mind back to darker times.

This area, which is now used for parking and the annual Edinburgh Military Tattoo, was once the place where innocent people accused of being witches and warlocks were burnt at the stake.

Between the 15th and 18th Century over 4000 witches were killed in Scotland with 300 being burnt or hung at this site alone, more than any other site in Scotland.

A small unassuming drinking fountain was erected just to the right as you enter the esplanade and is very easily missed.  It was the idea of Sir Patrick Geddes who at the time in 1894 was working on improving the slums of Edinburgh, he requested his friend John Duncan design it in an attempt to remember the people wrongly tortured and executed at the site during the witch trials that raged across Europe.

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