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As you walk down the Royal Mile keep on the lookout for wellheads.  These wellheads provided the folk of the Old Town their only source of water up until 1820.  Water was pumped from Comiston Springs 3 miles south of Edinburgh Castle and held in large storage tanks, Castlehill Reservoir was up the Royal Mile near the castle and it fed water downhill into these wellheads.  The Netherbow wellhead is dated from 1675 although it has been moved and restored many times over the years.  These wellheads are where the local citizens would catch all the latest gossip and news as well as their water requirements.  During times of drought use of these wellheads was restricted by the council.  

The spouts on the wellheads were in the form of masks or grotesque faces.  This one is from the HighStreet Wellhead.

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