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Jack the Ripper Tour

In 1888, a brutal killer stalked the street of Whitechapel. Five women lose their lives and have their mutilated bodies dumped on the city’s streets. The newspapers gave the killer the nickname ‘Jack The Ripper’ and he has become the best known murderer of all time.

His fame has only grown whilst the names and stories of his five victims has only ever diminished as the myth of ‘Jack’ overtakes the tragedy of the murders. On this audio guide Jen, from the Hidden History team, will reset this imbalance and bring the story of the ‘Canonical Five’ to the front as we seek to finally give these five women a voice.

The audio tour will visit six of the key sites relating to the murders as Jen takes you back to the ‘Autumn of terror’. At each of the different locations Jen explores the lives and experiences of Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Jane Kelly. As you walk between the locations and along the streets that they did back in 1888, we hope you form a real connection with these women that history has forgotten.

The guide will take you around 2hrs to complete and is just over 3.5kms in length. The guide enables you to explore the area and the locations completely independently and at your own pace.

Remember to check out some of the other Hidden History locations you will be walking past as you discover the real history behind Jack the Ripper. The tour starts and stops at the Ten Bells pub, which is one of the key locations in the story and is a good place for a drink after the walk.

Please note: This story is not a ghost walk, an exploration of any conspiracies or a horror walk. We only explore the story of the murders and try to explain and understand the lives of the victims.



Fig: Jen exploring the streets of Whitechapel during the research for the guide.

Jen in the studio recording the audio guide for you all to enjoy.

Tour Info


A 3.5Km route that covers six locations linked to Jack the Ripper.

Key Info


Approx 2hrs







Frequently Asked Questions

The Ten Bells pub, Berner Street & Dutfield’s Yard, 29 Hanbury Street, Mitre Square and Castle Alley

You can either end the tour at Castle Alley or if you fancy a drink afterwards you can return to the Ten Bells pub.

Closest Tube Station: Liverpool Street station or Aldgate East

Try and avoid the peak commuting times at the start of the day (07:30– 09:30) and at the end of the day (16:30 – 18:30).

The Ten Bells pub.

Closest Tube Station – Liverpool Street station or Aldgate East

Anytime time during the day and early evening particularly in the summer.

Avoid going in the evening, as Brick Lane gets very busy between 20:00 – 23:00. We would also advise to avoid talking the tour by yourself at night. There are a number of smaller streets to walk down and it’s not sensible to do it at night by yourself.

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