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As you walk along High Street, above the entrance to Paisley Close look at the intricately carved lintel and you will see a young boys face looking back at you with the words carved above his head ‘Heave Awa’ Chaps, I’m No’ Dead Yet!’

© Copyright kim traynor and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

The carving commemorates an incident that occurred during the early hours of the morning on November 24th 1861 when a 7 storey 16th Century building which stood on the site collapsed killing 35 of the 77 people within.  As dawn was breaking a voice was heard to shout out to the rescuers who had been picking through the rubble ‘Heave awa’ chaps, Im no dead yet!’ before pulling a young man called John McIvor from the rubble.

When the building was subsequently rebuilt the lintel was added to remember the young survivor of the tragedy.

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